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Emergency and Crisis Management

When was your last emergency?

Probably some time ago. But honestly, did you really know how to behave? Do you know how to react when an employee cuts himself, when there is a fire or in the case of a serious accident? Which emergency number do you have to dial? Which medic do you have to call? And what about your employees, how well equipped are they in case of an emergency? How effective is your alarm and action plan? When was the last time you held emergency exercises with your employees?

In the event of an accident, the fire brigade, the rescue service and in some cases, the police need to be notified. Are you aware of your responsibility? How are you prepared for such cases? Are you the type of manager who does not have a plan in place until something actually happens? Or would you rather be prepared in the event of an accident knowing already from your daily working routine that with good planning everything runs smoother?

Competent action in an emergency can prevent enormous costs, prevent an escalation from happening and keeps your incident under control. In an emergency you do not have the luxury of losing control of the situation. In order to avoid such events from occurring you will need to carefully consider the matter beforehand.