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Emergency management

This seminar will teach you how to effectively prepare yourself in case of an emergency. It begins with understanding the importance of setting up an emergency plan tailor-made to your company’s needs and accepting that your management organisation is not adequate enough to deal effectively with accidents or other emergencies. They are too focused on cost efficiency and therefore are too “lean”.

You will learn how to interpret emergency routines and to incorporate these within your team. Emergency exercises are not only valuable for your staff but also important to find the weak points in your system. If you find these weak points in an emergency you may have unpleasant consequences. Furthermore, you will be introduced and familiarised with the concept and function of a crisis management group and crisis communication, a guaranteed way to avoid long-term damage to the company’s image.

The human factor plays an important role in the case of an emergency; this will be looked at the end of the seminar. You will receive important tips and tricks for the prevention of conflicts during emergencies.

The content of the seminars are developed from practitioners for practitioners. Examples from fire fighters and emergency management experts help to clarify and illustrate the seminar content. During exercises you will be able to use this information and implement our new concepts to your own environment.

Crisis management

What is the difference between an emergency and a crisis?

Which decisions do the emergency management group take?
How does communication function during stress? How can you reach a collective understanding of the problem?

The method of operation and intricacies of an emergency management group can be learned through exercis

Crisis management staff exercises?
We give you several possible crisis scenarios and accompany you through the practice sessions and give you feedback

Crisis management group training?
We train your emergency management group as a “team under stress”. As an exercise scenario we also use a complex computer simulation, the “MS Antwerp”.

A Crisis within the Crisis

Even with the best preparation and emergency /crisis organisation you can achieve suboptimal results. Thus, it is important to develop preventive measures.