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The Maintenance Consultant (only available in German)

The ‘Maintenance Consultant’ can provide you with the necessary information for the development and optimisation of your maintenance management. The ‘Maintenance Consultant’ shows you how to appropriately assign the workload and supports you with the organisation of maintenance programmes. Additionally, the ‘Maintenance Consultant’ shows you how to critically check and continuously improve the quality of your maintenance.

Benchmarking, TPM, controlling, key data evaluation or integrated management systems are all effective methods introduced in our complete consultancy program as well as providing specific examples of use. Numerous prototype samples for protocols, plans and processing instructions can be downloaded from the available CD-ROM and can be adapted to your needs. Particularly practical is the prototype maintenance handbook, which you can easily customise for your own operational demands.

The ‘Maintenance Consultant’ liaises with the maintenance managers of numerous industries as well as technical customer relations managers.